About Us

Marshall Glynn

As an independent pharmacist who has owned and managed many pharmacies over the last 30 years I am passionate about pharmacy. I have seen the business from both the wholesale and retail angle with first hand experience of how difficult working in the industry really is.

My passion has driven me in my role at PharmAssist Solutions to find a way in which we can support the independent retail pharmacist to not only survive but prosper in this challenging environment. Collectively we need to drive margin and free up our time within our businesses to be able to invest further in our profession. I really believe that utilising technology is the way forward; to not only create the headroom necessary for our future but pharmacy as a whole.  

Amar Randhawa

Having qualified as a Pharmacist in 1999 from Bradford University I worked as a branch manager for numerous multiple chains. Spending time in management areas other than Pharmacy is what made me realise how passionate I was about the profession and the way in which it allowed me to help and have contact with people that needed it. This is what drove me to work as an independent; this allowed me to really put my stamp on how service was provided in the shops that I ran. PharmAssist Solutions has been integral to the success of the independent chain that we now run. It has given us control and compliance to buying rules, driven profitability into the purchases that we make and efficiency into the dispensing process. I would never want to go back to the days of trawling through numerous price lists or handing control back to any wholesaler.