Join the Pharmassist Network

Choosing to join the PharmAssist Solutions network not only gives you the ability to choose from a selection of software solutions but it also gives you access to your own unique personal Control Panel. Alongside that you can discuss your business issues with our other network users through our closed discussion network.

As a PharmAssist Solutions network member your Control Panel gives you the visibility and control that is lacking in pharmacy today. See at a glance who is supplying your pharmacy at the best prices; whose broadband network is down; when you sent your last orders and what were the replies and much, much more.

You can check whether the prices that the wholesalers are charging are the same as quoted and also join our rating system to decide which suppliers are the best. Why not see how much you've spent per day and month to date, and go on to decide which suppliers work best for you?

By using easy control commands you can decide where to send your orders and when - its really that easy! Fall out with a supplier - switch them off. Like the look of a new supplier - switch them on!

To start the process of becoming a part of the Pharmassist Solutions network contact us now and complete our live price comparison and see how you can save time and money today!

For more information please contact us.