PI/Brand Switching

Monday 22nd December 2014

PI/Brand Switching (Pharmacy Buyer Users Only)


In today’s useful hints and tips I am going to tell you how to setup Pharmacy Buyer to automatically switch from ordering a PI to a Brand from your main supplier if the PI is not available.

To set this up you need to set your PMR system to order the Branded pip code.

In Pharmacy Buyer create a Supplier alternative using the PI Pip code and your main supplier.

In the product supplier preferences set your first and second choices to your main supplier.

When your PMR system places an order for the branded product the system will first attempt to order the PI product from your main supplier. If the PI is not available the system will move on to the next supplier option (also set to your main supplier) and attempt to order  again , but this time the PI code will not be picked up and will then use the brand code.

Article added: 22-12-2014