Statement from Strathclyde

Monday 13th June 2016

Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals would like to apologise for the delivery issues we have been having recently. We are victims of our own success, we have become really busy and our warehouse is struggling to cope during the busy couple of hours in the evening. We have discussed with our carriers and potential new carriers, for a later cut off time and due to our geographical location unfortunately this is not viable, we have a very tight deadline for us to ship the products to ensure our orders are delivered next day.
We have put an internal project team with assistance from an external consultant to look at improvement within our warehouse, to enable us to continue to grow and supply our customers with the service they would expect and the service we pride ourselves in usually supplying.
We have changed some processes in our warehouse over the last 24 hours which should eliminate any further delivery issues.
Once again sorry to have caused any inconvenience and we look forward to supplying an excellent service to yourselves.