Virtual Warehouse

Your Virtual Warehouse will give you full visibility of all excess stock registered on the system and therefore enable you to better manage short-dated stock and overstocks.

It will reduce your reliance on manual communications that can be easily misinterpreted or overlooked.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces the risk of having to write off short-dated stock.
  • Better management of products purchased in bulk, which can help reduce the money tied up in stock.
  • Full visibility of all stock transfers between branches.

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How does it work?

Step One: Register products to be listed in the Virtual Warehouse - this will then ensure this stock is made available to other pharmacies in your group when they attempt to order that line.


Step Two: Purchasing store places an order for a line registered in the Virtual Warehouse – the order will be sent to your Virtual Warehouse rather than your supplier cascade. The reply you see in your PMR and on the PharmAssist portal will indicate this.

Step Three: Supplying store receives an email indicating that their stock has been ordered – they can log in to the portal to accept and dispatch this order or to reject.


Step Four: Purchasing store receives an email indicating supply method – this email details whether supply is from your Virtual Warehouse or if you need to order again through the supplier cascade.

Your order will automatically be sent to your cascade if no stock is available in the Virtual Warehouse. You will only need to order again if the Virtual Warehouse can only part supply.

Individual pharmacy?

The Virtual Warehouse functionality works effectively for you also.

If you are overstocked on a line, simply register this product and when somebody in your pharmacy orders it, they will get the Virtual Warehouse reply which means they know to supply from shelf.

Please note this functionality will only take account of the products you add to the Virtual Warehouse. Should your stock holding for any of these lines alter outside of the PharmAssist system, remember to update your Virtual Warehouse to ensure your orders are sent to the correct place and therefore are processed efficiently. Stock holding is automatically updated for lines registered on the Virtual Warehouse where purchases are made through PharmAssist.