Supplier Timeline

We know it’s crucial that we not only offer you unparalleled control but also the flexibility to create a bespoke system that works for your pharmacy.

The Supplier Timeline does just that by allowing you to dictate the specific times throughout the day where you want a particular supplier to be turned off.

Maximise Next day Deliveries

Ensure next day delivery by managing cut offs. Where a supplier has an earlier cut off time than others you can redirect orders after that time, therefore ensuring a timely supply of medicines for your patients. If a supplier doesn’t deliver on certain days such as Saturday, you could turn that supplier off for all of Friday to help maintain supply.

Ensure Same Day Delivery

Maximise same day deliveries – ensure continuity of supply of fast moving lines or critical orders by ensuring they are sent to suppliers who can offer same day delivery. Once the same day delivery threshold passes you could turn all suppliers back on to ensure your cascade looks at the maximum number of potential suppliers in order to obtain the best prices.

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How it works

Step One: From your dashboard, select the 'Supplier Timeline'.

Supplier Timeline.
Supplier Timeline.

Step Two: Select the supplier you wish to update and drag your mouse over the days / times that you wish to turn off.

Step Three: You can seect as many time periods as you want.

Supplier Timeline.
Supplier Timeline.

Step Four: Click confirm and your selection will show in red.