Manufacturer Preferences

The Manufacturer Preferences feature is yet another function that ensures you have complete control over your purchasing and ultimately save you both time and money.

Our Manufacturer Preference settings allow you to override the default supplier cascade with your own supplier selection for all products which belong to a specific manufacturer.

This allows you to prioritise a wholesaler who may give a better discount on a specific manufacturer’s products, ensuring you always get the best price.

The Manufacturer Preferences function can also help you to manage any minimum spends that you may have to achieve with certain suppliers, therefore enabling further control without having to educate your staff to ensure certain products are directed to certain suppliers.

Manufacturer Preferences can be used in conjunction with buying rules by using the ‘With PI’ function. If this function is selected, whenever a UK product is ordered, and there is a cheaper PI product available, the software will order the PI from the cheapest supplier available. If the PI is not available it will then defer to your supplier of choice, helping you to protect your profit even further.

The Manufacturer Preferences feature gives you confidence that your requirements are being followed on every single order.

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