Product Preferences

Through the Product Preferences functionality we can give you absolute control over your buying.

This means you not only save time and money, but have complete peace of mind knowing your buying solution will comply with your rules and therefore operate exactly how you want it to.

The Customer Product Preferences feature allows you to have complete control over where your orders are directed to in your cascade. The settings will override the default supplier cascade with your own supplier selection on a per product basis.

This feature is very useful when you have a bespoke agreement with certain suppliers for particular lines, as it allows you to create your own bespoke preferences that mean you can ensure these products only go to those particular suppliers or manufacturers, therefore overriding your normal buying rules.

PharmAssist Infrastucture chart.

With Customer Product Preferences, regardless of who is placing the orders, your products will be directed to your chosen supplier. This means you can rest assured you have compliance within the pharmacy and will therefore free up time to allow you to focus on other areas of your business.