Features & Benefits

Drug Tariff Review

Prevent any ordering of over Drug Tariff generics or receive an alert whenever an over Drug Tariff product is ordered, ensuring you can make an informed decision to maximise profitability.

Virtual Warehouse

Manage any excess, short dated or bulk stock across your branches. Virtual Warehouse gives you full visibility of all excess stock registered on your system and enables you to better manage stock to reduce the risk of having to write off products.

Supplier Timeline

Allows you to control the specific times throughout the day where you want a particular supplier to be turned on and off. This feature helps to ensure you maintain continuity of supply if there are suppliers that don’t deliver on certain days of the week or have early cut-off times.

Gold Partner Pricing

We upload and manage any price changes form Gold Partners on your behalf, saving you time and maximising the accuracy of the pricing in the cascade. The cascade is not limited to Gold Partners – load in your own pricing too!

Blind Pricing

Our blind tender system means no wholesaler can see pricing in your cascade. This is fundamental in allowing us to consistently drive down prices and increase profitability for you.

Manufacturer & Customer Product Preferences

Override the automated cascade with your own supplier selection on a manufacturer or per product basis. This is useful when you have a specific agreement with certain suppliers or manufacturers or when managing minimum spend thresholds you need to meet.