Reasons to Choose PharmAssist


Increase Margin

Pharmacy Margins have never been under so much pressure! Improve purchase profit with every product ordered. Talk to us to find out how much you could save.


Save Time

PharmAssist users typically save up to one hour per day on their ordering. Whether you want the cheapest price or to incorporate a deal, the PharmAssist platform will direct orders to follow your cascade.


Complete Control

PharmAssist users are in control. Choose Gold Partner pricing, your own bespoke pricelists, or both to include in your cascade. You have the control to add and remove suppliers as you wish.


Ensure Compliance

Managing compliance to your purchasing decisions and minimising expensive leakage can be a challenge. PharmAssist users have peace of mind that their cascade rules are applied to every order.


Maximise Fulfilment

Minimise the impact of out of stocks on your business. PharmAssist orders cascade through your chosen suppliers meaning less time chasing stock.